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I'm looking for a free visitor map service. already offers such a service, but the free
version saves lots of info on the visitors and just saves the most
recent 100 visitors.
On my website for free language learning-related stuff, I'd like to
display a world map which shows a virtually unlimited number of
visitors. It needn't be very exact; I just want a world map that gives
me an overall impression of where my visitors came from.
I imagine the numbers of visitors to display as differently coloured
areas or flags on the map, according to how many visitors have come
from the respective place.

Given the StatCounter visitor map, I'd calculate with these values, for
That map image seems to have a resolution of about 850 x 650 pixels;
the accuracy needs by no means to be better than squares of 5 x 5
pixels for which visitor numbers will be accumulated; that'd make an
array of 170 x 130 squares. Using a counter data size of 4 bytes (which
will allow for numbers by far enough for each square), this would make
a maximum memory usage of 88400 bytes (86,3 KB) per user ... maybe that
can even be reduced if some sea areas can absolutely be excluded to be
valid locations, if squares without any visitors so far are skipped
with some RLE-like compression or so. If that's too much, 2 bytes as
counters would be fine, as well.
Although a counter array would be really nice, a bit matrix would also
be acceptable, reducing the memory necessary per user to about 2763
Bytes (2,7 KB).

(I did this calculation to show why I think I might find this for free.)

If there already is such a free service anywhere, point me to it,
Also, if you have any clues on how to write such a thing myself as a
perl script (especially the ISP location retrieval by IP address part),
I'd appreciate getting a private message.

Thanks in advance, regards,

Re: Free Visitor Map Service?

On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 18:37:05 +0000, Florian Haag wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Maybe these two sites can get you started, the first offers something like
you ask. They both offer data to determine the geographic location of IP
numbers. /

Hope this helps

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