Free info: set up a personalized Ezine Encyclopedia

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Free info to make your own eZine Encyclopedia. Here's a system to organize information. How to set up:
1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word. At the top of this Word document, type in 15 to 20 'Category Headings', one per line. Here are suggestions, add your own:
"  Affiliate Programs
"  Auto Responders
"  Copy Writing
"  Discussion Boards
"  eBook Compilers
"  eBook Promotion
"  eBook Publishing
"  Email Marketing
"  Ezine Advertising
"  Ezine Articles
"  Ezine Publishing
"  Free Classifieds
"  Free Software
"  HTML coding
"  Internet Marketing
"  Joint Ventures
"  Online Community
"  Search Engines
"  Viral Marketing
"  Web Hosts & automation
2. Now highlight all of these category headings. Then go to the toolbar at the top of your Word screen and click on 'Format'. In the drop-down menu, click on 'Style'. A new window will open with a box titled 'Styles'. Click on 'Heading 1' and press 'OK'. These category headings will now all appear in 'Heading 1' format.
3. Now place your cursor at the end of the first line (in my example, 'Ad Tracking') and press RETURN twice. Two paragraph marks, in 'Normal' style, will appear beneath your first category heading, this is where you insert the text of your articles. Repeat this for each category heading by placing your cursor at the end of the line and hit RETURN twice.
4. When you see ezine articles with information you want to save, highlight the info, copy & paste it to the appropriate 'Category Heading' in your new encyclopedia.
5. Highlight the title of the ezine article and use the same formatting procedure described above & choose 'Heading 2' , not Heading 1.
6. Now click on INSERT in the toolbar of your Word screen and go down to 'INDEX AND TABLES'. In the new window that opens up; click on 'Table of Contents'. In the lower right of that window is a box with a white background that allows you to set the levels between 1 and 9. Choose 2. Then click 'OK'.
   You'll see that your 'Information Categories' appear as Chapter Headings and the Title of the ezine articles appear as a Sections within a Chapter.
  Notice that the page numbers at the far right of your Table of Contents are hyperlinked; you can go to any ezine article with the click of a mouse.
  This Word document becomes your personal 'Ezine Encyclopedia'.
It will contain everything that you consider important that you find & read ezines that you want to keep for your personal reference. Isn't that better than having that information scattered amongst 20 to 30 or more document files?
  When you have in place a well organized system like this, it takes less time to view your information. And when you need your information, instead of searching through dozens of folders offline or online, you'll find it in afew minutes. Eventually you'll end up with a large document containing as much information that you find personally useful. It will be up to date with info that serves just you!
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