Framed URL cloaking, IIS

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   Let's say you have two domain domains and you want to point them both
at the same site. This is running on, IIS6. and is up and running and has a normal DNS setup.

Can you point at the same site *without* having to frame
this? (so is the same as The way this is currently set up, always shows in the location bar, and in the frameset it is

   I know little about IIS6, but I know that in Apache this is just a
virtual domain. What's with the framing? It's bad for bookmarking and
search engines.

   What am I missing, this is the second site I've worked on using this
"Framed URL". What is the reasoning behind it, and how is it done, not
to mention why is it done?! Is this an IIS thing or some quirk with the


Re: Framed URL cloaking, IIS

Jeff wrote:
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Framing very bad.

Pointing both names at one site is slightly bad.

Best is to serve a redirect from one site to another with a HTTP 301.
This makes best use of your "search engine credit", rather than
splitting it between two sites.

IIS config permits this. It's not as easy as Apache, but it's easy
enough enough and it's described in the docs / or you can find it in
the config dialogs.

Re: Framed URL cloaking, IIS

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You add the second domain to the host headers.

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