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Dear all,
I am looking for a serious and professional company that can host,
manage and design a forum for our company.

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my favorite:

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On 30 Mar 2006 03:40:20 -0800, posted
something that included:

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Shucks!  And here I am with a jocular and professional company that
could host, manage and design a forum.  

Mr. Marbach, I would encourage you to find someone IN YOUR COMMUNITY
to do the actual management of your forum. There are a number of
issues involved in moderation. No moderation means you are buried in
spam. Light moderation will include stuff unfavorable to your company,
but makes the forum look more credible and worthwhile - which reflects
well on your company. Tight moderation discourages people from posting
at all, and may result in bad word-of-mouth for your company.

It's hard for a moderator to do his job anyway - and without meeting
with you once in a while to discuss issues, it's going to be
incredibly difficult. The moderator will need regular feedback from
you - and if you can buy your moderator a meal every couple of months,
it will go a long way.

I know of several companies that are using retired would-be freelance
writers. They can write well enough to not reflect poorly on you, and
they tend to be easy-going; your moderator should be preventing flame
wars, not participating in them. They also tend to be diligent, and
work cheap. If you choose the right software - Drupal, for instance -
the site can include a blog as well as the forum, which can make your
site even more valuable to your customers and prospects.

Installing and setting up the forum in the first place is fairly easy;
most reliable hosting companies can offer you 90% of the setup with a
few clicks.

I'd love to have your business, but unless you are in a certain few
locations where I could provide a local moderator, you are probably
going to be unhappy with the management of the forum.

And, of course, there's that serious business. We're joyful here, not
serious. That's why our company slogan is, "Of all the hosting
companies in the world, we're one of them."  Life is too short, and
the work day is too long, to be serious.

Good luck!


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