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Bonjour j'ai la possibilité de pouvoir acceder a des formations
informatique ,je possede deja un bon niveau windows / linux et tcp/ip

quel est la formation la plus en vogue ,j'hesite entre l'administration
windows ou bien linux ?

merci pour vos conseils

Hello I have the possibility of being able acceder has formations data
processing,je possede already a good Windows level/linux and tcp/ip which
is the formation more sails about it, I hesite between the Windows
administration or linux? thank you for your councils


Fleeing from the madness of the johann jungle
and said:

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I understand you are wondering whether to study Windows or Linux server &  
network administration.

IME the important issue to learn is TCP/IP networking and the protocols  
which make the Internet work.  Windows/Linux are simply  
flavours/implementations of the same feature set.

FWIW I started using VMS.

Tomorrow, a new Linus Torvalds/Dave Cutler will emerge with a brand new  
o/s on a brand new lump of hardware but TCP/IP will remain the same.

In any event, bon chance.
William Tasso

whither a trophy?


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IME, linux offers you "real unrestricted access" to the protocols in their
native environment and in many cases offers superior documentation where
windoze offers it as black box. take SMB for instance. did they finally get
around to offering a smidgen of information about that? or has everybody
finally smartened up and started running Samba?


Quels sont vos buts ? Quelle est votre prof=E9ssion ? Linux et Windows
est *tres* diff=E9rent, donc je pense que devez d=E9cider ce que vous

Si vous connaisez bien Linux, prendre la formation pour Linux. Ou bien,
si vous ne connaisez pas Linux *ou* TCP/IP bien, prendre la formation
pour Windows.

D=E9sol=E9e pour la "sans qualit=E9" francais. :)


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