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Hi, I am just a lurker here with some charity and non-profit websites but in
need of a simple script or a program (some funds available). It sounds like
Spam but it is not since the recipients (local politicians) hold themselves
out for emails from the public and in fact some send responses while
tracking the volume,

The program needed takes information from an online web form (Name, address,
legit email address) sent by a viewer (like BizMail) and that information
goes into fields in a pre-formed letter that is sent on to another email
address. That address uses ordinary forwarding to send the letter to a list
of politicians. The advantage is that people are hard to get to sit down and
write their own letter on an issue and if snail mail, buy the postage. This
way they fill in a few fields and click Submit.

I am already doing it - sort of - by using BizMail and instead of making the
first field just 'Your Name" it instead reads 'Dear Sir, As a resident of
Hokum, BC I want you to work on legislation to pay sick webmasters, etc.:"
When the Bizmail form is completed the 'form results' with the long preface
to the 'form name' goes to the one address on the site which then forwards
it to 10 government types and a copy to me to tabulate. In this one working
example the small town has sent over 100 letters of 'protest' to the
premier, etc. and received a selection of feedback: auto responses, personal
responses to each of the original senders - absolutely no complaints or Spam

Now the problem is that it is clumsy and the formatting of the letter is
awful having to use spaces a lot to get it to break into proper paragraphs
and such.

Somewhere there must be a program which uses an online form to fill in
fields in a letter that goes out to someone else. All those write in
campaigns must use them. I am no programmer - just a humble volunteer doing
simple websites and could use some guidance to a program. Google does not
seem to help.


Sinecure Bob

Re: Form letter Program needed

Sinecure Bob wrote:
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Re: Form letter Program needed

Re: Form letter Program needed

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