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Hi, Everybody,

This is a somewhat general question, since there is more than one
form/script/situation involved.

Please note that, I am still learning Perl, so I need things
expressed in a fairly basic manner.  I want to be able to modify
already-existing scripts to have this feature.

OTOH, one of the forms points to a script on my host, which I
cannot change (and I'm not sure if there is any way to do this in
the <form> code that I can change.)

I want to make a form field with a question that confirms it is
being filled out by a real person.  It doesn't have to be
individual passwords.

I once saw someone have a little graphic - a green square - and a
form field that said, "What colour is the square?"  So it was a  
password, but obvious to humans.  A much simpler version of

So, I want something like that.  The field must have the correct
string (e.g. "green") in order for the script to execute (e.g. a
formail script that sends me the submitted fields.)

Any advise or ideas?  Thanks...

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Re: Form Anti-Spam Question Field

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What I do on my site is: no Captcha unless the message entered has a
URL, then the Captcha has to be reentered. I use reCaptcha which is
quite easy to implement. The advantage is that this bothers only a few
people (who actually want to submit a URL) and keep out most of the garbage.

John Bokma

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Re: Form Anti-Spam Question Field

On Fri, 8 Jan 2010 20:20:52 -0800, Coffee's For Closers

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I did my own little quiz but using PHP/MySQL.  I ask a really silly
question that has a five or six digit answer, including a number.

Like "type the name of the planet we live on followed by the numeral

It's SO easy to do and avoids some problems with vision-impaired users.
Also, minimal storage space and fast response since it's entirely text

Re: Form Anti-Spam Question Field

The technique I use is to have one form field name "UnusedField".

I use CSS to style the input so that it's invisible.

At post time, I look to see if there's data in that field. If there is,
I don't perform the POST action. The reason this works is because
spambots figure validators are going check for every field being filled out.

Maybe once a month will I see robot input. It's way easier, it works
just about as well, and it doesn't hassle legitimate users.

On 1/8/10 9:20 PM, Coffee's For Closers wrote:

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Re: Form Anti-Spam Question Field


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Hahaha. Very clever!  I might try it and see how it works.

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