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One of the sites I manage is a photo sharing site, where people upload
photos and get feedback. The software is written in PHP.

What has happened now, is that all folders which have created over the
past 7 days have the permissions set to 755, and owner set to A (I'll
call it A) and the group set to nobody.
By the way, when I connect through FTP I have the identifier B and all
other files/folders have the identifier B.

But the PHP processor has the owner set to B and the group set to C, so
that the PHP scripts cannot copy files to the newly created directories,
because the write rights are available only for the owner - and the
owner is not B or C.

I cannot even change the rights of the newly created directories via
FTP, because I connect as a different owner.

How is all this possible ? Is there an error in the web server settings
of the host ?

Alfred Molon - Photos from China, Myanmar, Brunei,
Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Egypt, Germany, Austria,
Prague, Budapest, Singapore and Portugal

Re: Folder permissions issue

Alfred Molon wrote:

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A user can always give away her files to someone else, but can't reclame it
back later. You can give full access to the webserver as giving rights to it's
group, which seems to be nobody (some old installations of apache did use
nobody as user/group).

You can give full access to everyone too, but then you can get more troubles
if there are users playing around on the ftp.


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