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I have been 'greeted' by the following in AWStats after generating stats for
the past 24 hours:

"Flush history file on disk (unique url reach flush limit of 5000)"

While the wording is clear, I am not sure exactly what it means or what the
implication might be. I searched the Web and reached just one document (in
Japanese) which refers to this warning/error message. That document did not
contain any helpful information though, even when translated to English.

Having said that, something awkward happened yestersay and I have no
explanation for it. The number of page requests tripled (compared with the
average) while the number of visits remained the same. It doesn't appear to
be crawlers because they get counted separately. Has anybody got an
explanation? Has there been an attempt to attack or is that just paranoia?

Many thanks,


Re: Flush History?

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You should talk to your host about it.  They should be able to answer any
questions you have about your stats.

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Re: Flush History?

Tina - AxisHOST, Inc. wrote:

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But that's really secondary, isn't it? I prefer not to bother. I believe
something very unusual happened yesterday (in terms of activity). Looking
at the logs at a low level is hard because of the size. The odd numbers as
well as the error message probably have some explanation, yet I still fail
to find it.

If you need more data, please tell me and I'll put it here or as
screenshots. I spent too much time on this already... *sad* I'll be away
until the evening... worried about what the heck is going on with the
server (if anything).


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