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I'm looking for an application to play an audio file on a website using
Flash. My original file is an MP3, which I presume I need to convert to
SWF. Does Anyone know some free tools for this? I don't want to buy some
Macromedia software only to convert one audio file.

The end result I'm looking for is an flash audio player which can be
embedded on an html page including the following features:

- Play and pause.

- Timeline indicating how much of the file has preloaded and where the
playback currently is at.

- move/drag the timeline within the preloaded segment.

- Sound on/off indicator

Additionally, there could be a small spectrum type of analyzer, or little
sound indicator bars jumping up and down, similar to some desktop players.
This need not be a correct indicator of sound but moreso a visual effect to
indicate to users who might have speakers off or unplugged that the sound
is normally working.

Does anyone known an FLV player that is available free of charge along the
the above?

It would also be good if all worked on an early version of Flash, as there
is no need to limit the number of people who can play the file by
some "upgrade Flash player notice" for such basic requirement as playing an
audio file. Usually these type of upgrades only work smoothly on Windows
and often Flash 10 does not even work on many current Linux versions. So
the player could for example be Flash 7 or 8 compatible for the largest
possible proportion on users.

I don't regularly use Flash except for the occasional video display so any
advise about the above would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Re: Flash web audio player?

Tuxedo wrote:
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  You can download 30 to 60 day free trials.

   Otherwise you can buy one of the Wimpy players, not much money and
they can be configured to do all you want. I've used it on several sites.

   Google yields a slew of freebies:


Perhaps one of those will suit your needs, it didn't mine.

You don't need a "converter", you need a player. The mp3 format will not
need to be changed. You wire the player to use the file. (you can
compile it, but this is not typical)


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Re: Flash web audio player?

Thanks for the tips and good to know I can use the native mp3 format. I will
look into the Wimpy player. I think I've seen it before.

Can anyone here recommend any other specific players based on experiences?


jeff wrote:

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Re: Flash web audio player?

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Re: Flash web audio player?

Thanks. Longtail looks great! Also, I like that it's an open source player.


Synbot wrote:

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Re: Flash web audio player?

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Anytime ;)

Re: Flash web audio player?

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I've been using one available here: http://hotpot.uvic.ca /

Doesn't do much of anything, just a simple play/stop button, but it also
doesn't take much real-estate on a web page.

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Re: Flash web audio player?

from the relative safety of an aluminum foil deflector beanie, Tuxedo
put down the rubber duck and wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net /


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