Flash people? Space Girl?

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howdy folks. a certain party did a recode of greenideaDOTcom to bring them
into standards. there's lots of little flash movies embedded here and
there. when we put them into a compliant <object> to display them, certain
of them lost their colored backgrounds.

you can see this at greenideaDOTcom/dataspheric/customization.htm and

yup, the invalid <embed> draws a background, the compliant <object> don't

is this some kind of Flash version (like old) issue? is this a flaw in the
way the movies were made? is there a <ohGiveUsABreakAndJustWork>?


Re: Flash people? Space Girl?

trevor wrote:
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Look up Flash Satay on www.AListApart.com - it's a clunky solution, but
it works.


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Re: Flash people? Space Girl?

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thanks, will try. i've had chicken satay before and it was yummy.

Re: Flash people? Space Girl?


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turns out we're using something very similar. the solution to the issue was
embarrasingly simple. the movies in question had been built with a
transparent background. setting <object> param name="background" value="#
000000" does the trick.

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