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Re: Fishing for JSP, PHP, Perl (which do you use?)


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Re: Fishing for JSP, PHP, Perl (which do you use?) (Matt Probert) mentions:
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I love perl. When I do something "for fun" it's usually in perl. (such as
this news reader for example) If it were about what I wanted, I would
still use perl or MAYBE java/jsp. PHP is a drag. (easy to work in.. but
still a drag compared to the others, in my opinion anyway.)

However, "most appropriate" here means... "Given the choice, PHP 5.n or Perl,
what would OTHER people be most interested in using?" (that's PHP 5, not PHP 4)

The "task" has more to do with satisfying what people look for.

PHP 4.n is really not much of an option.. Without exceptions it's just plain
wrong. Sounds like JAVA/JSP can pretty much be eliminated as well unless
you want to go through 8 layers of mgmt.

So far, almost everyone I've had contact with has been limited to 4.n versions,
since the 4.n version is a non-option for me.. I'm wondering if perl makes
any sense.

I have to admit, the perl based applications I make available aren't as popular
as the PHP ones. (with the caveat that the PHP folks who get in touch with me
regarding problems are almost always experiencing them due to the version

This has been a serious issue.

When looking for scripts.. do most people automatically head for the PHP
section completely bypassing anything in perl?

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Re: Fishing for JSP, PHP, Perl (which do you use?)

On Wed, 05 Apr 2006 04:27:52 GMT, (Jamie) posted
something that included:

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That's hobson's choice. Newbies try to install a Perl script and they
can't figure out that it needs to be uploaded in ASCII, chmodded to
755, have the right filename extension for their server, and reside in
a directory where binaries can run. On the other hand, there's not a
lot of support for PHP5 with hosts.

What most users want is a zipless fuck. Even a PHP4 application that
they just upload and go is too much hassle for many people.

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Could you write an installer in PHP4 that analyses their server, and
presents the user with an options screen? When they have everything
set up the way they want it, your installer would transload and
install a Perl application?

Of course, if you were doing it that way, you could even offer a
compiled application in C, Python, or Zend, etc. with that PHP

Alternatively, you could have the installer run on YOUR server, with
the user providing servername, username, and password, but in that
case, you would have to instruct the user to change their password
immediately before the installation, and back to their original
password afterwards, so that you didn't have access.

Not that it really makes much difference. If they don't trust you,
they are going to wonder if you have a "back door" on your software
that lets you access their server anyway. The *perception* that you're
honest and above-board is critical. (It's obviously incredibly stupid
to be dishonest, but they may not realize you know that.)


Re: Fishing for JSP, PHP, Perl (which do you use?)

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", Jamie finally

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My host has PHP5, but pretty much all of my code will run fine in 4.x, I
can only think of one function on any of my sites that requires 5, and
that is a replace function with a set of keywords in one array and a set
of replacements in another. PHP5 can use it's own replace function to do
that, but 4.x required me to write one :(

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Never used it. I believe it's one of those things that big companies use
when they want their customers to have a slow browsing experience ;)

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I haven't used Perl in years, but it was always reliable when I did. A
bit complicated, and possible a monster.

These days I mainly use for business sites, and PHP for my own.

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Re: Fishing for JSP, PHP, Perl (which do you use?)

Jamie wrote:
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I may have missed that one...

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Far more stable than what (some) hosting companies give it credit for.

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The problem with php5 is find a host that is willing to offer it and
still allow you to set configuration options. Many of the hosts that
I've contacted don't allow setting changes via .htaccess or in the
VirtualHost container.

This puts me off because the stuff that I write in PHP5 requires
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode to be Off, which breaks some php4 code. I'm
stuck with 4 at work because our hosting partner won't upgrade (and
stuck with MySQL 3.5x as well!).

My development environment uses php5, but because of the hosts we use,
we cannot take advantage of its new features (especially oo). php4 is
outdated and should be left behind, but some of us are *still* waiting
for hosts, and when the company you work for won't chip in for dedicated
or other hosting options, it's frustrating...

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Neither, I use perl for shell scripts and such only.

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A lot of people use php5, it's mostly the hosting problem from what I find.

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Not 4, use 5.  6 is just around the corner. When that comes out I am
going to do everything in my power to convince that it will be the
version that we are using for everything. ;)

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