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I recently bought a new ADSL modem router/ and the internet light more
or less flashes continually, showing probing.  Can I get a reasonably
priced ISP where I can set up a decent firewall at the ISP/exhange?

Also it generally isn't worth my while tracing back the probes and
complaining to the relevant ISP/ authorities. However scripts run by
the ISP may help in prosecutions and puting a stop to unwanted traffic.

Re: Firewall at the exchange/ISP

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As it happens, following on from one provided for Metronet customers,
PlusNet recently added a Broadband Firewall for customers to use.  It
does depend a lot on the amount of traffic, and even which applications
you are keen to use, though, on whether this would be a suitable ISP for
general browsing/mail/newsgroups.  My sister is using PlusNet, FWIW.

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Re: Firewall at the exchange/ISP

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Thanks, maybe I should email Demon.  However I still want an address
on the internet, not a subnet, and also I would want to be able to
configure it since I am thinking of using VNC, Apache, FTP, and maybe
a little streaming.

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