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I made a simple site for a class project and have a few problems with
table formatting. The site can be viewed here.

It seems that that is an apparent difference in size of the top table
that holds the banner in IE and Firefox. I don't know if it is just a
slight of the eye or what, but it annoys me. Even if both the banner
table and the main table are the same size, the top table looks bigger
or smaller depending upon the browser. I had to change the size of the
banner table just to get it to look even. Any suggestions from anyone?

Re: Firefox and IE

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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I don't see anything on that page which needs a table.  Your class leade=
r  =

should be able to point you in the right direction.

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There are many differences between IE & FF and other browsers too.

Even more when browsers have to guess what you mean ... =

-- =

William Tasso

Re: Firefox and IE

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Ok, this post was nice for me. thank you William ;-) - Webhosting Solutions

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