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I have just redone my index page, using a template that I modified at .  I know the rest of my website has a lot of room
for improvement - validation errors, etc.  Before I redo my entire site
using this design I would really appreciate some feedback.  Currently,
I am using NVU as a website editor and I think it is screwing up some
of my code.  What website editor would you folks reccemend, other than
NVU?  Thanks.

Chris H.

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Re: Feedback New Index Page - Thanks

Chris H. wrote:

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On the whole I like it.  Nice clean look.

I'd re-work the column widths though.  There's an overall narrow width
that remains narrow even in wide windows. There's also a lot of this
dedicated to the menu on the LHS and a fixed amount (set by thumbnail
size) on the RHS.  As a result, the central column with the body text
in it remains far too small. This should be wider -- I know that
there's a useful limti to how big lines of text can usefully be, but
this is several times smaller than that and isn't fluid.

How about a more fluid design, where the two side columns stay the same
and the centre is entirely fluid?  Stick a max-width in ems on the
overall width, if you must.

The RSS feed uses RSS 2.0 and could usefull have some category
information added to it. At present the item titles are de-normalised
-- they're all prefixed by the same section caption. That's usually an
indication that categorisation would be useful, even if they're all
coming from the same category at present.

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