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My hosting package isn't the best and I don't have CGI bin on the site. Any
suggestions as to how I can achieve a user feedback form ?


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Re: Feedback Form Q

Rich wrote:
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Since we don't know what your host offers, we can't tell you. You have
two options that I can see: 1) ask your host. 2) change hosts.

Is there a server side language that IS supported by your host?

Re: Feedback Form Q

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You will probably find that your host provides some cgi scripts for your
use, probably not many but I would expect one of those to be for a feedback
form. If you say who your host is then I'm sure someone could point you in
the right direction.

Failing that, you can submit a form by email. There are lots of reasons why
its not a good idea (1. uses the clients email so won't work in a web-cafe,
2. IE gives security warnings, 3. it doesn't look very professional etc),
but that would be one way to get round it. Google for it, or if you can't
find anything post back and I'll see if I can dig out an example.

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

Re: Feedback Form Q

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Yeah. Switch hosts.  For God's sake, hosting is a competitive business.
There's no need to stick with a host that doesn't offer what you need.

Karl Groves

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