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I would appreciate some feedback on my new index page .   The index page was created using
a template I found on /.  I am actually considering
just learning css and creating a three column layout that I could use
for my entire site.  Is there anywhere I could find a template/ css
code for a very basic 3 column site?  Thanks in advance.

Chris H.

Re: Feedback Appreciated

Chris H. wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No background color set. This is particularly noticeable because the
background image is 404ing

The header image is being scaled on the client-side (probably in an
ugly manner)

I'd like to see some horizontal white space inside the <h1>, between
the image and text.

Menu contrast is too low (grey on white)

Menu seems (intermittently?) hard to select and hyper-sensitive to
vertical mouse position. Maybe a browser glitch.

There are some point-based font sizes in there

This is bogus when you serve XHTML under Appendix C, because you're
requesting SGML parsing.
    <style type="text/css">

As CSS is generally XML-safe anyway (only problem is with some selector
rules that don't work under IE anyway) then you can just skip it.

Apart form that, it looks pretty good. Nice lightweight markup,
atttractive look, resizes well enough, and it even manages to move away
from the "boring CSS columns" look.

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