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I'm looking at adding support for favicon.ico (don't ask why it isn't
just "there").

What I find is that Microsoft apparently invented yet another
abomination.  Half a dozen MIME types, various formats, browser
inconsistencies, etc.

So what do you guys recommend as far as filetype, size, MIME type, and
so forth?

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Re: favicon.ico

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Microsoft ICO is a standard format for Windows icons,and has been for
years. But if you use a <link> tag, you can use PNG, JPEG or GIF. I
would recommend one of those formats instead of ICO.

Steve Sobol - Programming/WebDev/IT Support

Re: favicon.ico

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And yet the MIME type "image/x-icon" isn't the registered MIME type
for Windows icons, that's "image/vnd.microsoft.icon", which apparently
isn't handled by (at least some versions of) Microsoft Internet

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I haven't verified it yet but I suspect that you can use any image
type that the browser in question supports so long as you tag it
appropriately with the Content-Type header.

Personally I favor the GIF format, fairly compact with transparency
support and slight animation potential; or perhaps JPEG.

But as usual I'm concerned with potential browser issues.

And of course I don't quite understand the value of the <link> tag
since browsers request "favicon.ico" anyway and apparently some
browsers don't support the <link> tag.

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