Favicon changing for visitor?

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I have a favicon image in my root directory (always have), but
recently a site visitor emailed and asked if I had changed it. I had
not, so I asked them to send me a screenshot.

The one I have set up is a lowercase "g", but the image they sent to
me was an upside down American flag! Which, of course, explains why
they were so shocked that I had changed it. A few days later, they
emailed again and said that, this time, it's a bulls-eye (like from a
rifle scope).

I did make several changes to the site, but nothing (intentionally)
that should have affected the favicon image. But from their
screenshot, the site visitor doesn't appear to have anything unusual
(IE7.0, AOL, Live Search), either; although, of course, they could
have something running in the background that I'm not seeing.

Do you guys think that this is something on my end, or something on
the clients end?



Re: Favicon changing for visitor?


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If you've double-checked the favicon itself, the only other thing on
your end that you should check is your html. Make sure your page is
calling your favicon and not someone else's.

This is typical:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">


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