Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

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I've seen a lot of advertising lately for unlimited bandwidth from
Fasthosts: /

What does everyone reckon?  I'm looking for a server that does not give
me huge bandwidth bills, and having 'unlimited' bandwidth seems to be
an ideal solution.

I have a site that shifts close to 500GB/mo, and in the future I can
see it easily topping 1TB/mo and more, mainly because of the amount of
traffic and network transfer rather than huge files being downloaded.

I'd be happy to sacrifice a little speed, but I'm wary that a lot of
hosts advertise unlimited bandwidth and yet won't be able to cope with
a high traffic website.  And I'm on a tight budget of $250/mo or

Any advice?
Thanks buckets,

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

Paul Neave wrote

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They are providing a "Virtual data pipe".  The standard server rental
gives 512kbps, rising to 10240kbps for an additional 570 per month.

Effectively what they are selling is the speed of the connection, with
no limit on the amount of data that can be transferred.  You would need
to work out how long it would take for your data transfer.  If you say
speed is not an issue, then the basic offering might work for you.

They also have the option of buying transfer by the amount, and at the
usual astronomical UK rate of 10 per 10GB.

A couple of points.

If you have Dollars to spend, you will get much better value in the US.

When I was with them, I found their service to be terrible, and many
others have said the same thing.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

Charles Sweeney contained the following:

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They have a habit of changing things and not letting customers know.
First it was in the way they handled image uploads. Then they recently
changed the way they handle php mail scripts with a result that scripts
were silently broken.  A friend of mine has a Fasthosts reseller account
and the only way he knew about this was when a client asked why he was
no longer getting mail.  Totally unacceptable.
Geoff Berrow  0110001001101100010000000110

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

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Charles' advice about looking at the USA is good.

I use and have found them very good to deal with. Their
entry level packages (which is what I have) are around $100 pm and give you
10Mbps connection, 1250GB bandwidth; around $150 gets you 1500 GB, if you
can stretch to $289 you get a Dual 2.8Ghz XEON  with 2000Gb bandwidth;
excess bandwidth is charged at 40c/Gb, about 30% of what you'll pay in the

They used to offer unmetered but from a quick glance those are no longer on
their website, might be worth an email to them as they are easy to talk to.

"SpaceGirl" took out a *serious* package with them a while back, she was
very pleased with them at the start, dunno how she has found them since but
haven't herad her complaining :)

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

Martin Harran wrote

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I'm with, extremely pleased with them.  No reliability
issues to speak of, and good customer service.

I'm in the UK.  Paying in Dollars gives me the benefit of the exchange

Charles Sweeney

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

Brilliant, thanks for the great advice -- both and look good. I'm UK-based so it makes sense to make the
most of the $ - exchange rate.

I've seen a lot of advertising for 1&1 offering unmetered bandwidth
too, but I've also heard their service is poor so I think I'll steer


Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

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I was with 1&1 and IPowerweb before I found Sago. They were both absolutely

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth


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Some years ago, I was attracted to Fasthosts because of their offer of
unlimited bandwidth.

They pulled the plug on me when the site was transfering what they
considered to be too much data.

They then claimed that "unlimited" meant unlimited within "reasonable"

Subsequently, I have discovered that "unlimited bandwidth" is a
marketing myth.


Veritas Vincti

Re: Fasthosts and unlimited bandwidth

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Just my 2 pence worth...

1) you may find that 500Gb to 1Tb per month starts to get too much for a
single server. The traffic you're generating may be better serviced with a
load balanced cluster of 2 or more servers giving you better performance,
capacity to grow and fault tolerance. If you go for a shared cluster (eg the
type we offer) then your site load could be spread over as many as 8
different servers all for the same price you'd be paying for a single
dedicated server.

2) Ask some of the transit providers in places like Telehouse, IFL, Redbus
for a price for 5mbit or 10Mbit transit. You'll see prices ranging from 30
per mbit up to as much as 150 per mbit. (you'll do about 200Gb of data
transfer per month on a 1mbit line maxed out) Those prices are based on the
basis that if you're buying 10mbit of transit the chances are you intend to
use it.

Many dedicated server providers are offering xx mbit connections keeping
their fingers crossed that your server will be out of CPU time or RAM well
before your site ever gets to anything much above 2 or 3mbit.


John Lyons
Netserve Consultants Limited

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