Fast-forwarding streaming WMV?

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I need to allow users to fast-forward streaming WMV files.

This is for a local church.  As it is now, the user has to sit through the
entire introduction, handshaking and singing.  We want them to be able to
fast forward to the preacher's message if they desire.

As it is now, the video might buffer to, say, 50% while the video progress
bar is at, for example, 25%.  You cannot simply slide the Windows Media
Viewer progress bar up to 50%.  It ignores your attempt to slide it up to

So, is the issue a server-side thing (running on a share Windows-based
server)?  In the way we compile it?  Something really simple or something
complex and expensive?

I suspect the church will have to install WMV server on the webserver itself
but what do I know?

Thank you.

Re: Fast-forwarding streaming WMV?

Jim wrote:

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Provide the viewer with two different options:

<p>You may view:</p>
<li><a href="service.mpeg">the entire service</a>, or
<li><a href="message.mpeg">just the preacher's message</a>.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: Fast-forwarding streaming WMV?

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Thank you, Toby, but that is not what we want.  It takes quite some effort
to compile the video.  Compiling, uploading and storing it twice is simply
not acceptable.

How is it that some websites allow you to fast-forward (or rewind) video and
some do not?

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