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Not precisely on topic, but hoping someone here has run across this before:

I have a web customer with virtual host, including email accounts.  All is
well there but he recently switched his ISP to Adelphia cable... they have a
webmail interface and can get messages from external POP accounts (which he
wants to use when travelling).  For some reason, the webmail rejects setting
the username as required by the virtual host in the format NAME+DOMAIN.EXT.
This format works fine with a regular email client (Outlook, etc.).  The
webmail works for other email accounts using just the NAME.  Adelphia, of
course, is no help.

The vhost help says it will also accept certain other characters in place of
the + ... such as @, %, and : ... but none of those work either.

Any ideas on how to trick the webmail interface... I'm thinking it's a
syntax problem.

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Re: External webmail access problem

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Probably not syntax, but instead validation.  The validation for that
login field won't accept the +, @, etc.  Adelphia should change
that...but they probably won't because I'll bet they don't know how.  
Can you get your system to map a underscore, dot, or dash?  I'll bet one
of those would get past their validation...but then again maybe not if
they are only validating [a-zA-z0-9].

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