experience with audio streaming with PowWeb?

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I am currently running a site where one of the main features of our
site is streaming of MP3 files. We use servage.net and they are great,
except for two things:
- there is no access to raw logs, the only logs available are their own
oversimplified statistics, which only take account of HTML files. No
statistics on download of our MP3 files, which is what I am interested
- unstable TCP streams. We stream MP3 files of ca. 10 MB size / 1 hour
length. Very often, ca. 50% of the times, the stream will break down
prematurely. In an attempt to resolve this problem, we got our site
moved to another cluster. This decreased the rate of failure, but it is
still at an unacceptable level.

Otherwise their support is superb, once my support request was answered
3 minutes after I submitted. I think the longest time I had to wait for
a support reply was ca. 6 hours.

Servage.net compete against PowWeb, which use a similar clustering
system. I have been thinking about switching to PowWeb, as they provide
access to raw logs. But I suspect that the problem of TCP stream
breakdown might be attributable to the clustering technology.

Therefore I would like to know if anyone has tried streaming with
PowWeb and has any good or bad experience with this.

Thanks in advance

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