Exchange links but with whom?

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I have a website and would like to exchange links with other websites to
increase my PR in search engines.  I read that exchanging links with
websites that share the same keywords as mine would be most beneficial
to my own site.  But I cannot exchange links with my competitors...

With whom do you exchange links?

THank you.

Re: Exchange links but with whom?


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maybe think about looking up/down and across your industry

ie there must be folks in that same industry, who you will *not* be
directly competing with

PS - i have similar woes

Re: Exchange links but with whom?


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What sort of site do you have?

For instance, if you have a web site about a roofing company, you might
want to exchange links with landscapers, people who do windows & doors, and
other home improvement people with specific functions.   If you have a dog
walking service, exchange links with veterinarians, dog food companies,

Try to find people to link to that share whatever the core item is, while
not being direct competition.  In some instances, it might be impossible,
but in others, it just takes creativity.

Karl Groves

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Re: Exchange links but with whom?

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In my case that's a repetition :)

William Tasso

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Re: Exchange links but with whom?

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There are probably better ways, but some ideas:

1. If you know who your competitors are then take a look at who is linking
to them, that gives you a list of sites for potential link exchanges.

2. Any site that has a link page with a good page rank is probably worth
exchanging links with. (Happy to be proved wrong if someone has a counter

A word of warning: Some companies are happy to exchange links but put the
exchanged links on pages that are not directly accessible from their main
site. (So they get the benefit of your link but you don't get the benefit of
theirs.) Its worth checking where the link would go and that you can
navigate to the page from their main site.

Hope this is useful.
Brian Cryer

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