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Do you really care about putting into action, all those wonderful
ideas that ran into your stream of consciousness, at some point of
time. Let me introduce spigit.com, the venue you must be in to see
your otherwise unused ideas bloom and see the light of the day.

Spigit.com just launched on the 18th July, 2007 with 25 new featured
ideas- which are on their journey to make their mark as the next
evolving technology. In spigit you can put up your raw & unfinished
ideas. Spigit's simulation then takes your ideas through 3 lifecycle
stages - incubation, validation and emergence. During which you can
refine ideas, find the right resources to get started, create buzz,
meet the right associates and launch your product as a budding

Gaming in spigit is just as exciting as it sounds, see you at

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