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Would you see the future of mouse?        Follow the www.volup.it

This site is very heavy - you need ADSL Broadband or higher
Remember the MAPS procedure, it is extremely important for the project

Nicola Narracci

Re: Evoluption Mouse --- www.volup.it

Using a pointed stick and pebbles, meeki scraped:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Certainly not in the direction that site indicated. A mouse that you
rotate on the vertical axis would be RSI hell!

Dylan Parry
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Re: Evoluption Mouse --- www.volup.it

And lo, Dylan Parry didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Ow... my wrist hurts just watching those demonstrations :(


Re: Evoluption Mouse --- www.volup.it

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Hrm... I dunno - That actually looks like a pretty decent idea - I'd give
it a try (and no, I didn't use their form to spam the companies listed on
their site :) )

Marc Bissonnette
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