everyone sees new DNS for my site except me!

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A strange problem I can't figure out.

I handled a migration of a site from one hosting service to another. I
changed the DNS entries.

People from around the world are able to see the right site (I've
learned this through email).

I'm wondering if it's more than the fact that the changes are being
propagated late to my ISP.

Something must be cached somewhere.

When testing the site out I changed the hosts file temporarily so I
could view the new site through my browser.

But I changed that back...yet the problem still remains.

things I have tried:

1. restart.
2. Alt F5
3. Try on different browsers.
4. Try under different accounts: both admin and Windows user.

What's going on?

And while I'm here, does anyone know how to temporarily change the name
resolution for your own site when running under a Windows user account
(not admin). I hate having to logoff as user back to admin and back

Robert nagle

Re: everyone sees new DNS for my site except me!

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Euhm, 'changed it back', you mean: 'deleted the whole entry' I take it?

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Windows... try ipconfig/flushdns

One way to know for certain: change your DNS server to a publically  
available one, that is known to have the right entry. Check again to what  
IP the DNS resolves (after yet another /flushdns). If that's the right  
one, the DNS of your ISP is slow, if that's yet again the wrong one,  
you've abviously have the DNS hardcoded somewhere on your ocmputer.  
Recheck your hosts file.
Rik Wasmus

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