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I am looking for a script to handle attendee registrations for a group's
series of monthly events. There are many reg forms on the Web, but this
organization has a particular need.
The monthly events are open only to members -- say 300 in total. About 80 of
the 300 will attend any given event.
They would like the following feature:
-- If a member registers for one monthly event, then signs in on a
subsequent month and clicks for the registration form, the form would be
pre-populated with that member's prior information.
Thus, the first time Joe Smith of XYZ company registers, he will see a
registration form with blank fields. But if Joe returns in a subsequent
month and let's the system know who he is (e.g. by logging in with his
e-mail address), he will then encounter a registration form that already
includes his name, company, address, e-mail, etc., as previously supplied by
The events are free, so there's no real concern about someone else logging
in with Joe's e-mail address.
I do NOT have the chops to write such a script myself.
Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.


Re: Event Registration Form - Script

Alex wrote:
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Sounds like you're talking about a custom script.  It shouldn't be hard
to create something like this; probably less time than finding and
trying to adapt something which already exists.

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