Ending all Orwellianism

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Who likes tracking cookies on your home computer? Scream: I DO!

Who likes Google archiving the net hangouts (streets) of usenet?
Scream: I DO!

Get the fuck off my home computer and get those Orwellian net street cameras off of usenet!

Much to ask? They claim freedom of speech. To Orwellianize my and your freedom?
"Orwell" is not freedom of anything. Its black and white invasion of privacy.



I'll install cameras into your homes because you came to the net, and from now on I'll
watch your wife showering and sell every shower. I'll install cameras to the street, and
point the camera toward you as you walk, so you know I am watching you.

Enjoy your America you corrupt evil society. Brainless retards, unable to stand
up and do anything human. R E T A R D S. Americans. Think Orwellian, not political
bullshit. Be human. Keep on reading...

"The idea of Freedom of speech politically murders humanity and its soul."
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I hate your country. I can't relate to it. Psychotic vandals. Do we like it?
No. We don't. I am pretty sure most people don't. But. People chose to
be stupid and arrogant and idiotic forever. Hey. Doesn't matter what I say, right?
In most of Europe such piracy acts are still called primitivity. Why fight for
primitivity? Nobody will ever understand. Except me. In reality its brainwash.
So Orwell can exist, so big government can exist, so big bullshit can exist...


Only so they can protect themselves from me. Not from the iron fist, but from the human
palm. The human palm is not big and strong. Its an open hand, not one of a ex-russian.
The human palm is a palm of a mammal, and it believes in smacking kids in the ass,
holding a breast in public while feeding a baby. The human palm does not believe in
brainwash. The human palm is left with dilemmas, as it must respect all cultures, even
dictatorships, even Orwellian dictatorships. The human palm must respect smokers too.
But if the Queen of England takes my sandwitch away, I'd punch her. The human palm
has its knuckle elements. Love until first blood, then blood. You know how humanity is.
It sings operas, then it... actually humanity is pretty tough. You know. Palm fist palm fist
handshake is a human gesture, then a slap in a face. Americans cannot deal with humanity.
They don't like to talk about it! All I know is one thing. I have completed a whole film
project. No film for America. As far as I am concerned, the dollar does not exist. When
the Orwellian goes, dollar is ok.

Orwellian --> No human. Human --> No Orwellian. Meaning of life.


This place is Orwellian, therefore there are no humans here.

Though many vicious telemarketers orwellianized people's home computers, "people have
to use the Internet" these days, even though its heavily intrusive towards people's privacy.
The thieves will always find ways to break into people's homes for money. How can Google
get away with so much theft? They scanned millions of books recently from libraries without
checking for copyright. Most writers absolutely disagree with Google. But what counts is
the happy user. Its not true, only for non-functionals who need a functioning society, the

"The only thing that matters is a happy user". Take a look at history, slaves and tobacco
farms. We know its not the only thing that matters is a happy tobacco user.

A human might say rationally: Why are you worried about internet privacy problems, according
to the FBI not a single person died as a result of turning to the Internet in US history, only
one telemarketing case resulted in death in Russia early this year when a man who couldn't
take the constant popup ads from a Russian company went and beat the software telemarketer
to death with a construction shovle. Meanwhile 100 thousand people were killed in the USA
in the past six years, and not one related to the Internet. So clearly there is a priority question
between peaceful Orwellianism and real life.

Peaceful Orwellian online agriculture. Not like they have a President online to enforce Orwellianism
for all. So companies like Google remain individual Orwellian pirates on the sea of the Internet
abusing human rights, etc etc etc, animal acts, and yet they (Larry Page and Eric Schidt) become
one of the 20 richest people in America. Telemarketing. They can call it hardball, but
(            ), they are really criminals.

Punch the Queen for taking your sandwitch.

For controlling your diet. Punch her in the face.

I award myself a Ph.D today at Harvard for mastering privacy on the Internet. They really have
Ph.D specialities for spyware, spam, and online privacy. I passed the test and wrote a thesis on
the meaning of life on opposing orwellianism in the human society, which I score summa cum laude.
I actually have a summa cum laude in real life.

Self-taught. I couldn't get into Harvard, but what other choice do I have for recognizing something
10 year olds would. They would say: that's mean. The Queen shouldn't take away your sandwitch!
Even if she offered a refund for it. That's mean! That's like being in school all our lives.

Orwellianism is like being in school all our lives.

Look kid. This is what we do here in England about thieves: we dial the phone and the police comes,
we go over to the thief's house, and the police tells the thief to return the sandwitch, and not to do it
again. If the thief still insists that he was right in stealing, the policeman arrests him.

Lesson: You can't steal anybody's sandwich, even if its for calories or any other good deed.

Even a policeman understands the meaning of breakin and theft.

Is it your computer or is it like a community computer? So much for my freedom of speech argument.
I rest my case.

Judge: Everybody was annoyed of telemarketers calling people in their homes selling things.
So it was stopped. Everybody is annoyed of tracking cookies. So I'll stop it.
So what would you like me to do about Google?

Answer: Well, I mentioned the 10 year old kid taking sandwitch away argument. Google
scanned in millions of books from libraries and control the writer's diet. Writers want
to punch Google's royal ass, I mean face. Writers make money off those books, and
others may be of human significance and not intended for free marketing. What Google
does is absolute nonsense. Sure they would have happy users. But they fell into the
slave/tobacco farming trap, abusing human and civil rights. What would you do Judge
if some company would post your book for free on the net, or for a fee, but it would
be a company who you never had a sales agreement with. As the author of your book,
you profit from that book. But if someone just takes the book from you and starts
selling it all over the place, you would be looking at him, and what would you say:
thank you for making me so much money, soney? They say: "GIVE ME THAT
BOOK! I WILL SELL IT NOW!" It doesn't work like that in the business world.
Business has its bounds and agreements. Google ignores it all, takes the sandwitch,
and offers refunds to the starving. Judge, I ask you to tell a policeman to tell them
in person that they have to stop stealing sandwitches from book writers. They are
doing something noone has ever seen before. How dare they take my sandwitch!

Judge: So Google specializes in taking whatever they can find for free, and adding
advertisements to that material. And one of the things they found, were millions
of books in large public libraries.

Dear Judge, I have mentioned that they have fallen into the trap of caring only about their
users and not about the workers who make those books.

Judge after a minute of sitting and playing with his beard: Well, you need to take
this matter to a civil rights lawyer and take the case possibly to the Supreme court.
Welcome to America, sonny.

Just one last one. Judge, what can you do about Google's mass usenet piracy and
Orwellianism. Usenet is open and free, yet commercializing at unprecedented levels
it is not allowed as that is mass Orwellianism of people's privacy on the millions
of streets (hangouts) of the net. Maybe a hundred thousand forums, Judge. But
still, street cameras, one famous from Ceaucescu, be it a company or a government
soliciting those activities, infringes on privacy. The unilateral act of Google, not
to police but Orwellianize on millions of people's privacy for money, robs human
dignity. Google's act is unbelievably corrupt your honor. Everything we learned in
schools about Ceaucescu taught us that we should not accept Orwellian street
cameras in our private lives. We as human beings need to speak up for our deepest
right to live in peace and not having to watch such a corruption taking place, a
corruption against humanity. Though Google's intent is peaceful, and the Internet is
a peaceful place at large, to me Google's acts merely represent days of peace in
an Orwellian society. I cannot allow myself to overthrow an entire society, but
they took my sandwitch your honor. I ask you to ask them 100 million dollars,
as I had a diamond hidden there, which was worth that much.

Judge: So you say there was 100 million worth diamond in the sandwich which
they took from you... Ahm, I am sorry young man. We are not a charity organization
here. If you have a diamond, you have to protect it yourself from the thieves.
Without proof, we cannot arrest them, nor ask for a refund. In this case you
need to file a report at the police for a stolen diamond.

Case closed. (hammer)

Re: Ending all Orwellianism

I couldn't read this till the end. Sorry.
Whart country are you talking about?

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Re: Ending all Orwellianism

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It is.

Re: Ending all Orwellianism

Take your rant to alt.conspiracy

Re: Ending all Orwellianism

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Don't be scared.

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