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  I need to embed either QuickTime or WMP depending on availability,
fall back would be a link to the media file.

something like:

<a href="media_file" onclick="return testForCorrectPlayer(this.href)"...

  This seems to be a convoluted endeaver, from my local tests I've
noticed that merely detecting the plugin is not sufficient.

So, what is with all these classid's? It looks to me that you have to
have the correct matching ID, different versions of the same players
have different classid's.

   There seems to be little standardization across platforms and browser

   Design target is Safari on the Mac, and IE on windows. That would
make my client happy and everyone else could just get a sensible
reliable link!

   Suggestions? Killing the client is not an option.


Re: Embedded Media Players

Jeff wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

After much research the best way to handle this is similar to what Real
does with streaming.

Have the link to point to a .m3u playlist file and the playlist then
points at the actual mp3.

  I'm surprised no one here pointed that out, surely some of you are
music downloaders?


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