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I'm looking for a good freeware / open source media player that will
allow me to play mp3's and video in my website.  It ideally would be
compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows.  Does anybody know of

Best thing I've got going so far is Quicktime but it isn't freeware.
Although is it available for free distribution?

Re: Embed Media Player in Web Site

weinerschizel wrote:

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The best method is to simply link to the files:

    <a href="something.mp3">Something</a>

which will allow the user to play the media in the appropriate software
available on their system. If you want to embed them in your pages, then
the syntax is like this:

    <object type="audio/mpeg" data="something.mp3"></object>

and to also support browsers that don't understand the OBJECT element:

    <object type="audio/mpeg" data="something.mp3">
      <a href="something.mp3">Something</a>

Another option is to use a Flash media player to embed the file. One good
option here is http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Player

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Quicktime (the player) is available free of charge, but it's not available
for Linux at all. (However, there are plenty of other media players
available for Linux that play movies in Quicktime format, albeit not DRM-
encoded ones.)

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