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Re: egads, zounds forsooth

Tina - AxisHOST, Inc. wrote:

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Just a thought:

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Re: egads, zounds forsooth

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Tricky call that one.

Those of us that already have a decent (always-on) net connection can  
already take advantage of voip.

So we're paying (for the sake of argument)...
10/month for the wire.
25/month for the net connection

Up to us how much use we make of the facilities, but we also pay nn for  
telephone connect charges.

Take BT or any of the major call handlers.  As well as the potential loss  
of earnings, switching into a subscription service has considerable  
advantages - no longer need to handle "I didn't make any calls to  
Tenessee" calls, just collect a fixed fee and move on.  
Staff/office/infrastructure savings would be considerable.  Much  
simplified and therefore cheaper billing systems. A completely different  
revenue model and one not conducive to empire building so I guess there  
is/will be considerable resistance from management.

In principal, I do agree that in the developed world the right to basic  
services is part of the basic right to life.

o Water for drinking and cleaning
o Comms for voice and data
o Power for heat, cooking and light

are now mandatory for survival and should be provided as a basic  
infrastructure package.  Governments which fail to respond to this need  
are shirking responsibility for the effects of the changes they have  
instigated/sanctioned in our way of life.

The alternative approach where each person provides their own supplies  
only works when government stops interfering, stops working against their  
own populations.

Soon we will all be priced off the road and no longer even afford to  
travel to out-of-town facilities, what then? a data transit tax?  a Front  
door tax? a Walking on the pavement (sidewalk) tax?

Freedom of choice != anarchy
William Tasso

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