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Hi folks,

I'm looking for an editor for C#. I've got Visual Studio, but I'd like
something that is less of a full-blown IDE. The main gripe I have with
VS is that it is so *visual* (obviously) with its point-and-click code
creation. Other than that, it's bloomin' marvellous!

I'd like something that does syntax highlighting and code-completion, or
  at least /suggests/ what comes next. Also, I would like the ability to
hit a button and have the code compiled into an exe or dll file, and
possibly a debugger. Project management would be an added bonus, but it
isn't required.

Any suggestions?

Dylan Parry
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Re: Editor recommendation

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I've got and use...
http://www.c-point.com /
http://www.runrev.com /

Both are top notch.


Re: Editor recommendation

Using a pointed stick and pebbles, Allis scraped:

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Cheers, Allis, I'll take a look at them both. In my searching, I also
came across SharpDevelop (http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD /) has
anyone else used it? If so, any experiences (good or bad) you can share?

Dylan Parry
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Re: Editor recommendation

Dylan Parry wrote:

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Definitely take a look at SciTE.

    * Cross platform (Windows and GTK);
    * Decent syntax highlighting for a variety of programming and
      markup languages, and it copes admirably with languages
      embedded in other languages (e.g. PHP and Javascript
      embedded into HTML);
    * Code folding;
    * Automatic indenting;
    * Menu for launching compilers, interpreters, linters and such;
    * Regular expression search and replace;
    * Ability to export syntax-highlighted representations of your
      source code as HTML, PDF, RTF, LaTeX and a SciTE-specific
      XML format;
    * Limited form of code-completion (you download an "API" file
      which tells SciTE about all the functions exported by the API,
      and what parameters you need -- then when you type a function
      name, SciTE will help you with the rest. There are API files
      for the C standard library, Windows API, OpenGL, Perl, PHP,
      several flavours of SQL and a few others available.)


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Re: Editor recommendation

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The latest version of Zeus programmer's editor comes with
support for C# including syntax highlighting, code folding,
and class browsing:


Also the following link describes how to configure Zeus
to do code completion for C#:


Note: Zeus is shareware (45 free trial).

Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows

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