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Re: Ebay - arrogance?

Toby Inkster wrote:
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Which seems like a really bad idea, because by mimicing other browsers
so thoroughly, you're effectively helping to validate the clueless
webmasters' belief that "nobody uses those wacko alternative browsers
anyway".  I prefer to have all the browsers I use send completely
honest user-agent strings (though there are some browsers that don't
even have such a string in their repertoire; the whole Mozilla family
has the silly "Mozilla/5.0" opening even though there's never been any
such thing as Mozilla 5.0).


Re: Ebay - arrogance?

Dan wrote:

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Well, Opera has had browser spoofing since version 3 when, well, nobody
used it. (I did try a copy of 3.x that I found on a magazine cover disk,
but didn't start using Opera regularly until 5.0 came out.)

In version 5, spoofing was switched on by default; in 8 (or perhaps 8.5)
it went off by default.

8.x also introduced this as a site-by-site preference. (It didn't have a
GUI to configure it -- you had to edit an INI file. In the 9.0 betas a GUI
was introduced, but the global setting was hidden away.)

The current system is a lot better than that used in Opera 5-8 in that
Opera still identifies itself correctly by default, but can be changed to
help with some "problem sites". That said, apart from the site that
started this thread off, I haven't actually needed to use that setting.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me  ~ http://tobyinkster.co.uk/contact

Re: Ebay - arrogance?

Dan wrote

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I agree with you in principle, but sometimes it's easier when I really need
to use a particular site, to identify as IE, rather than firing up IE.

Charles Sweeney

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