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Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean

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Hmmn, there would have to be a pretty huge freakin catch in that if it
wasn't an outright scam.

I don't push hard at all for sales from my sites (part time hobby - I have a
full time job) and I get about 500 USD a month from a mere 10K of uniques a
day average. My hosting could sustain 40K of uniques withouts sweating so
there is lots of room for growth.

Ahh - I just realised he was using hits as a measurement - I always use
uniques and there is a huge difference. That would be the catch.

Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean

What I think I find most amusing is that Viper's response and the resulting
insanity actually wound up bringing MORE attention to Michael D Crawford's
post and article.

I wonder if Viper is actually on Mr. Crawford's payroll?

Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean

Tony wrote:
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Umm no. If I was he would be dead for spamming.

Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean

Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> Friends,
> Please enjoy my new article:
>    Earn High by Playing it Clean
>    Google AdSense tips and tricks that aren't what you expect
>    http://www.goingware.com/tips/playing-it-clean.html
> It's about how I'm able to earn half my income from advertising
> published on a legitimate, well-designed, popup-free content site, by
> working hard to write articles that are genuinely meant to be
> informative and helpful - a couple of them took a month to write.  I've
> never used any Black Hat search engine optimization techniques such as
> link farms.
> My new article has a Creative Commons license.  Read the license terms
> carefully to understand what that means.
> Note that there are no ads on this particular page, nor will there ever
> be.  That would be wrong.  Most of the AdSense "tips" pages I've ever
> come across have little real content, and were just put there so
> clueless and desperate webmasters would click the ads.  What kind of ads
> you ask?  Ads for AdSense tips of course!
> AdSense has saved me from certain poverty due to a disability.  I'm able
> to make quite a bit of money as a software consultant when I'm healthy,
> but I wasn't for most of last year.
> I'm determined to earn ALL my income from my website by the end of the
> year, and I'm beginning to see how that could really happen.  To try to
> hurry that up a little, I have taken the whole last week off to write
> content for my site, and I'm easily able to see what a difference that
> makes.
> Ever Faithful,
> Michael D. Crawford

Aren't you the guy who played Frank Spencer?

Go on, say it....Say "Ooooh Betty, the cat's done a whoopsie on the

for photographic restorations

Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean

Fat Sam wrote

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In the nativity scene, Michelle Dotrice literally wet herself!

Charles Sweeney

Re: Earn High by Playing it Clean


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Which made a change from what the fellows used to do to themselves
everytime she came on screen!


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