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The domain name registry provides email forwarding but it does not allow me
to send emails with that domain name (without paying extra). I can use
google mail to use my domain name as the mail address, but it appeared as
"on behalf of name@mydomain.com" and still uses google address as the
sender address for some mail servers (eg. exchange server).

I wonder if there is a simple deskop application (mail server application)
I can use to send emails with my domain name?

Thanks for any suggestions,


Re: e-mail server?

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 22:58:27 GMT
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There are several but, if you do not have a static IP, many will be

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Re: e-mail server?

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kmail, thunderbird etc.

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Re: e-mail server?

nobody wrote:

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Doesn't your ISP provide a mail server?

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Re: e-mail server?

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Use your ISP's email but in your email client change your email address to
whatever address you want your email to appear to come from. (You might not
be able to do this if your IPS's SMTP server requires you to login.) I do
this for the domains I look after, I use ntlworld at home but send emails
quite happily as webmaster@cryer.co.uk etc. (This is also why it is so easy
for people to spoof email addresses.)

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

Re: e-mail server?

posted something that included:

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You don't need a mail server, you need a mail client. Thunderbird,
Pegasus, Eudora. You could even use Outlook or Outlook Express if you
are a glutton for punishment.

If your ISP doesn't allow you to use your domain name in sending mail
through their SMTP server, or you are on AOL which does not use SMTP,
then you need to (ulp) pay (lordy!) to use someone else's SMTP server.
If your ISP blocks port 25, used to connect to other SMTP servers,
then you need to find an SMTP server that accepts mail on other ports.
Or you can hunt for an open relay, and risk being arrested for acting
like a spammer. Access of a protected computer in excess of your
authorization is a federal crime.

My customers don't have a problem with this issue. However, the
definition of a "customer" is someone who pays for goods and/or


Re: e-mail server?

nobody wrote:
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Given the overhead (time wise) if/when somethign goes wrong, I wouldn't
bother. Use a 3rd party to provide your email. We spent the best part
of a month investigating mail servers and the conclusion was that it
simply was to risky and to expensive (even using free mail servers) to
do ourselves.

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