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Welcome to an innovative traffic driving program. We take the traffic
building features of a banner exchange and the ease of text and put
them together. Instead of rotating huge images, we rotate small
textual links!

Unlike the many banner exchange services that have fixed and unfair
exchange ratio, we have a dynamic one which is recalculated every hour
for every member. Exchange ratio at Link exchange is your website
solution is based on quality of traffic you send. The more clicks you
send, the higher your exchange ratio is. Member, whose click through
ratio is highest, gets 100% exchange ratio.

--Simple coding and no need to have a banner image.
--Flexible and very generous exchange ratio
--Allows to integrate links into your site and make them look just
like the rest of your page.
--You can target your link and choose what links to display on your
Web site.
--You can purchase additional credits.

Get 10000 FREE impressions for signing up TODAY!...
PLUS for the first 50 members get 10000 FREE impressions every month
for one year!!!

Re: Dynamic Exchange Ratio

Hey spammer.

Your exchange sucks...

Today were shown 63 links , visitors clicked on 0 ( 0.00 %) links.
Yesterday were shown 606 links, visitors clicked on 0 ( 0.00 %) links.

LOL you dont even show your own ads on your own pages....
Also your HTML is broken....
From http://validator.w3.org
      Result: Failed validation, 79 Errors

Also your WHOIS email is invalid. Reported to ICANN.
Spam and invalid WHOIS reported to your register who is VERY anti spam and
anti fake WHOIS.
Also reported you to RFC-Ignorant for not having an abuse email address and
invalid WHOIS info.

Re: Dynamic Exchange Ratio

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Hey snakepiss, why dont you stick to your PPC campaigns since thats
what you're good at. Oooops, no, you're not are you? LOL

Re: Dynamic Exchange Ratio

Doug Baiter wrote:
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PPC is so 2 years ago kid.
I have a site thats bringing in major money even though I have half the
world blocked from seeing the site.

Re: Dynamic Exchange Ratio

Viper wrote:
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sure you do

Re: Dynamic Exchange Ratio

G wrote:
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Whatever kid. Believe what you want. BTW the spammer who started this thread
has 15 days to fix his WHOIS.. Just got the email from his register saying
they started the count down. :)

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