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    I have a pretty highly ranked web site, and am trying to get my =
"dropdown - popout menus" to work efficiently.  Look at =
http://www.wideworldofhockey.com/Sponsors/SportsMedicine.htm .  For each =
of these categories, I got some CSS code somewhere on the web, but I =
have a problem once I get more entries per "category" than there is =
"space" down the page.  For example, in the "Dental Specialists", under =
"Pennsylvania".  Sure, you can scroll down the right-hand bar of the IE =
window, but you reach a limit, and can't see any entries below the =
bottom line of the popout menu.

    I have regular "dropdown" menus on various pages throughout the =
site, and they have their own "scroll bars", so there is not an issue of =
running out of "vertical space".  But, those menus didn't need the =
"pop-out" capability.

    Can anybody please provide appropriate code so that a visitor =
doesn't run out of this vertical space?  Any help is "greatly" =
appreciated!  Thanks.

Thomas Hupfeld
Wide World of Hockey

Re: dropdown - popout menus - running out of space

Thomas Hupfeld wrote:

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You're going about this the wrong way. For starters, one must have
excellent motor control to use that "Pennsylvania" listing, and that is
after already figuring out s/he must deliberately move the mouse
perfectly horizontally, then vertically, so the whole thing doesn't just

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You should be using separate pages for the listings, not this huge menu.
Clicking Pennsylvania should take you to a new page, with the listings
marked up as a .. well, a list.

John Doe<br>
123 Main Street<br>
Pittsburgh, PA 16000<br>

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You can't predict how tall anyone's browser window is, so no, there is
no way you can do that.

You have other serious issues as well. The page has multiple <head> and
<body> sections for starters.  

That red "Sports Medicine Sponsors" looks like a link, but isn't.  This:
<p align="center"><u><font size="5" color="#FF0000"><b>Sports Medicine
Sponsors</b></font></u></p>  People click on underlined stuff.

Did you use FrontPage or other MS product to make this site? I see
"webbot bot" stuck in there. Does nothing in my browser.

"Failed validation, 119 errors"

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