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Are there any hints, have had a forum for a few months yet hardly anyone has
signed up or posted a message, how do you guys get people to sign up and be
active in your forums?

Re: driving traffic to a forum

Nospam wrote:
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put it in your sig
use the forum banner mod to join banner xchanges


Re: driving traffic to a forum

On Jan 23, 2007 Nospam wrote:

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Well I own/moderate a Yahoo! groups email discussion list for cyclists
in the Brighton area of England.

I've got quite a good number of people and I'll tell you how I did it:

In the sig. for my posts to a UK cycling newsgroup I put the URL to the
discussion list. Fortunately the newsreader I use can have different
sigs for different newsgroups.

When cycling around Brighton myself I took little flyers with me and
wrapped them around the top tubes of parked bicycles.

I would participate in a Cycling forum with a web-interface run by a
major magazine and in that I put URL to the discussion list in the
signature of my posts.

So, I think it depends very much on what your forum is actually about.

I do think that other forums and newsgroups where likely people are to
be found is the best way to get customers.

However I think that these forums and newsgroups should be approached
with due respect and not "spammed" with postings advertising your

The best way to do this is a link in your own sig. and then just
participate in the forums yourself.

Brighton, UK


Re: driving traffic to a forum

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Find at least 10-15 friends who like to post a lot, and post yourself the
sum of posts those 10-15 people post.

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Re: driving traffic to a forum


Make sure you are properly engaged with Google and register free with
the Yahoo and ODP/DMOZ directories. Also, include your site in your
signature to these group posts. The posts I have seen from you are
valuable and lend credibility to your other works.

But don't forget about low-tech methods of promoting your site. Give a
talk at your local library. Print bookmarks and hand them out to people
you know. Visit organizations who might be interested in your forum.
Word-of-mouth is the most powerful promotion tool. People will
definitely visit your forum if they meet you in person.

Steve Campbell

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Re: driving traffic to a forum

Nospam wrote

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You could sponsor a Formula 1 car.

There's a billion forums out there, usually all the same.  What's so
special about yours?

Charles Sweeney

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