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Does anyone know how to make DreamweaverMX render an XHTML site properly in
the editor/viewer pane? Make the inline lists show as inline and line things
up as they are when previewed in a browser? I have tried turning off all
visual aids but this does not seem to help. Everything is way out of whack
if no tables are used. Can't find anything on Macromedia's site for how to
deal with this.


Re: Dreamweaver and XHTML

spamblocker@excite.com cleared their throat and muttered...
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sorry, don't use dreamweaver, tried it, didn't like it, couldn't see why it was
hyped so much.... notepad is much better ;p

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Re: Dreamweaver and XHTML

Joe Joe wrote:
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All versions of DW only do an approximation of your design - not pixel
for pixel. It uses it's own rendering engine which is different from
real-world browsers, such as IE or Fx. Given that browsers differ with
their displays too, I wouldn't worry too much how DW displays your page;
test everything before you make it live. Even if DW does display
something right, there's no promise at all it'd work in a browser.

DW MX is a little old - MX 2004 and 8.0 both have much better rendering
engines (but again, not perfect as there is no such thing :)).


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Re: Dreamweaver and XHTML

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 19:36:53 +0000, in alt.www.webmaster , SpaceGirl

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I happen to have DW and use it sometimes. I use the preview as a
sanity check, a syntax check as it were, as I work. But I frequently
then check in the various browsers to know what it really looks like.

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