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I am currently using Dreamweaver 8 and have noticed one of the web site I
have created seem to load its images every time I visit the web page....it
has caused problems where a lot of bandwidth is used on the server when the
images get loaded multiple times.

The website is http://www.easynetcafe.com.au/easynetdirect.htm

Is there a better free rollover script for multiple images that any one can

Or can any one look mat my code and tell me if I have made a silly mistake.

Kind regards


Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

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It shouldn't do this. Check the _server_ settings and make sure that
the images are cacheable.


* JavaScript is a poor way to do rollovers - use CSS

* Image buttons are inaccessible. Use text.

* If you use CSS, you can use a pair of images to do all your bottun
rollovers and simply apply the text on top. This works better and is
much easier to produce (no image editing when you add more options).

* Image buttons look dated.

* These image buttons look especially dated.

Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

Suddenly, without warning, Andy Dingley exclaimed (27-Mar-07 9:31 PM):
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What he said.  I'm sure there's much better examples, but at my site,
jodi dot ws, look at the top horizontal menu.  Those are simple css
rollover buttons, no images or javascript anywhere.

Just in case you don't know, when he says 'inaccessible' he means, "not
accessible to disabled visitors" - specifically, vision impaired who may
be using a screen reader to visit your page.

Hope this helps!


Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

Hi all,

The page http://www.easynetcafe.com.au/easynetdirect.htm is set up for
Internet Kiosks as a directory. The reason the buttons are so large is so
they can be used with touch screens if needed. Sure the first page can be
set up partly without so many images, but the following pages required the
graphical logo's to be easily recognisable, so one theme has been carried
through out the site.

This web site is designed more for local users. I would have preferred to
have the directory on the kiosks hard drives, but this was not an option.

Anyone who has noticed problems with the Dreamweaver rollovers, and has a
better solution, any comments or code ideas welcome.

Cheers Christo

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Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

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Told you once already...

Do it with CSS, and use text to make the text on the buttons.
Accessible, easy to maintain and you can make it look just like the
buttons you already have (subject to the browser having acceptable

Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

Andy Dingley wrote:
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Well, Andy, you've only looked at his first page. Look at the Airlines
or News page, and you'll see he's trying to use logos for the button labels.

He could stay with image rollovers, activated in CSS not JS, and keep
his alt texts and add some title attributes, and he'd about satisfy me.
I don't care for those particular images, but that's life.

The vision-impaired visiting a kiosk might not be able to use the page
even with text buttons, since they won't likely be able to change
anything like font-size anyway.


Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 18:16:36 +0200, John Hosking

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He's doing that on the front page too.

And he can stil do it with CSS, one unchanged and unbordered logo in an
<img> and a CSS rollover with two empty button templates for the

Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

Wow Andy that sound great.

I was hoping to find a solution that wouldn't entail having to modify the
150 or so images that make up the logo style buttons....but I guess I could
make a droplet in PhotoShop to convert the images in one go.

I don't suppose you have done this before and could point to web site that
has this effect?

or could you post the code and styles to this thread.

Thanks for all of your feedback.


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Re: Dreamweaver and roll over images

Thanks for that John

I will have a go at removing the secondary rollovers and replace them with a
CSS effect.



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