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not sure this is the right spot to post this question but I've done quite a
bit of research on Google and did not find any answer.
I've a Dreabook guestbook on my site.
The guestbook address is:
Recently whenever I try to open the guestbook I get the following error

404: Book not found
If your book used to work but now is missing, please rebuild the book as
Go to http://manage.dreambook.com/ and log in.
Click on this book's link.
Click on the "Options" link.
Click the "Save" button without changing anything.
Your book should be rebuilt! Return to this page and reload it in your
If that doesn't work, perhaps you've got the wrong URL above.. books are of
the form:


I followed the instructions and rebuilt the book. Nedless to say it did not
work. All the info regarding this problem I found on Google point to the
same solution reported in the error page.
I cannot seem to find a Dreambook "contact us" email address, and the
Dreambook Help Pages links either point to the usual solution or are broken
By the way, the content of my guestbooks seems to be still intact, I can see
all the entries from within my account.

Does anybody have ideas on how to fix this?



Re: Dreambook not found

adjgiulio wrote:

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This isn't really the likely relevant newsgroup, but I don't think there
would be any newsgroup that this question relates to.  Dreambook appear
to run their own service and they would be the one's to help.  It could
be a corruption issue, maybe someone guessed your password, or some
technical issue is the cause, but I don't think anyone here would be
able to say one way or the other of what happened with any certainty.
That said, it just seems that the service is some cheap thing that the
host offers.

Their site shows a contact form at http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi
which appears to the the host in question.  They likely offer this
service for free hoping to get paying clients from it, but this also
usually means it's not the priority to getting things fixed, maintained
or kept secure or up to date.  In fact, their main panel for "get help
here" is a 404 (page not found) response, which attests to just how
unimportant this free service they offer is.  All of the links
basically go to their paid hosting site, so contact them there.  My
suggestion is to use a script on your own site and not have to suffer
through the issues that a lot of free services usually have.  Good
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Re: Dreambook not found

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:14:11 -0700, adjgiulio put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Category:DreamBook looks like it might be

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