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Can somebody tell me what is the right way to estimate the
downloading/uploading time?
All we have to do is to divide the Kbs number by 8 to get the speed in bytes
and the multiplying by the number of seconds?
Or there is something else to consider to be more precise?

And is there a difference between this speed for ftp and http?
(Have we to considere any problem if we want to dowload/upload large files
via http?)



Re: downloading/uploading time

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Personally I would divide by 10 - yes, I know there are 8 bits to a byte but
dividing by 10 gives a fudge factor for all the other network/protocol
overhead that goes on.

Download speed depends on a number of factors, your download speed from your
ISP, the site's upload speed, how many other things are being downloaded at
your end (if you are using broadband then remember thats likely to be shared
with others on your estate), how many other people are downloading from the
server, how much congestion there is in between your and the site, etc.

There are other factors as well which affect the *perceived* download speed.
For example if you have your entire page wrapped up inside a table then
nothing will get displayed until the table has finished downloading. If on
the other hand you have text and a few images (and you don't use a table for
your entire page layout) then you will see the text in your brower almost
instantly, and depending on where any images are in your page it may not
matter too much how long they take to download. Similarly if you use
interlaced images then these may give the impression of a faster download
because the browser may start to render them before it has finished the

If on the other hand you are only interested in single large files (say mp3
for example) and not with time to download a web page, then your original
guestimate is probably close - only remember to factor in the lower of your
download speed and the site's upload speed and the likely number of
concurrent downloads. No doubt someone will prove me wrong, but given that
there are many factors that affect the download speed I doubt you will get a
better method.

As for which is quicker, ftp or http, no idea, why not do some benchmark

Hope this is useful,


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