doteasy grace period?

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i have a website, which is my business and career.
it suddenly went down on saturday the 8th and today (sunday, the 9th),
i realized the reason was my registaration had expired on the 7th.  as
soon as i saw this, i attempted to renew my registration through my
hosting company (doteasy).  i had this problem a year ago and doteasy
was supposed to send me notification of pending expiration, which they
failed to do.
i am writing because i don't really understand how this all works-
for the heck of it i checked if my domain was available via doteasy's
domain search, and it said it was taken.
i am hoping there is some sort of grace period in which my domain name
is not open to the public to purchase and my reregistation will go
through.  otherwise, i will be in a lot of trouble career-wise.
does anyone know if there is a grace period with doteasy?
as i said, my domain has only been expired for 2 days now.  i am hoping
there is at least a week window in there.  it is possible someone liked
my domain name enough to sit on it, but it would be a surprise.
i am under the impression domain names aren't back on the market for a
bit because there is a cycle they go through after expiration.
i know i seem like an idiot, and i am-for being too reliant on
doteasy's expiration notice.  if you say-"but it happened before!"  i
will tell you that when i spoke to them after the first time, it turned
out they had been sending my expiration notice to an old unused
email-but then i gave them a proper email address to send stuff to.
any information on this process and grace periods is appreciated.
thank you.

Re: doteasy grace period?

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I have some domains registered with DotEasy...  they have been pretty good
on sending notices about domains expiring - starting 3 months in advance and
in the month leading up to expiration they start sending the notices out
atleast weekly... sometimes 2-3 times a week.

So in that case its probably the same problem as before:  they were sending
notices to an expired/old email address.

As far as domain availability goes: an expired domain name doesn't become
instantly available.

Here is a decent graphical representation of the lifecycle of a domain name:

Of Note:  If you renew the registration of a domain name before it expires
it will be at the normal rate the registrar charges.  Some registrars charge
extra once the domain has expired and so you might have to fork out more
than $9-10/yr to renew your expired domain.

Re: doteasy grace period?

yeah i am sure they were sending stuff to the old email-but i
specifically asked their agent to change this!  if someone did poach my
website, could i pursue legal action against doteasy?
well I am definitely within 40 days, so...hopefully this won't be an
thank you for the response.

Auggie wrote
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Re: doteasy grace period?

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No, because their terms and conditions will state the renewl process and
make it your responsibility to renew correctly.

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Re: doteasy grace period?

Auggie wrote:

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Can an owner's name be changed upone renewal or does expiration of
domain have to occur to  change owner's name?

Re: doteasy grace period?

Fleeing from the madness of the AT&T Worldnet jungle
and said:

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Those are completely separate processes.

I'd advise against letting the name expire simply so that it can be  
registered in a new name.

William Tasso

Re: doteasy grace period?

William Tasso wrote:

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If I own it now, then I can request to register it in new name 0-40 days
after expiration? Is this correct? Or at end of full cycle with risk of
losing name?

Re: doteasy grace period?

Mickey~ wrote:
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You can change the name any time.  Just sign into your account with your
registrar and make the changes.

If you let it expire you run the risk of losing it.  Even if you renew
it during the redemption period your registrar may charge extra.

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Re: doteasy grace period?

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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Many thanks

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