dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

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This is a transcript of my *third* chat session with those lying
idiots. And it is the third time they have made the same promise. I am
going to post this everywhere. People should know what a bunch of liers
they are.


Welcome to Dot5Hosting! An online representative will be with you
shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be
approximately 0 minute(s) and 9 seconds. Thank you for waiting.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Victor'
Victor: Thank you for contacting Dot5Hosting Live Chat. How may I
assist you today?
Victor: hello
walter: I am trying to get mx records added.
Victor: okay
walter: I have been was told that dot5 would change them within 12
hours. So I waited, and they were not changed.
Victor: have you send MX records to
walter: So I contacted dot5 again, and again I was told that the mx
records would be changed within 12 hours. So I waited another 12 hours,
and again the mx records were not changed.
Victor: please provide me your ticket ID
walter: Yes. I have done all that, several times. On chat, via email,
and on the dot5 support page.
Victor: please provide me your MX records
walter: APQ-540467
Victor: so that i will add it for you
walter: I need you to change your MX records to: * MX 0 - * MX 10 -
Victor: Please forward me your Domain name
Victor: okay
walter: I have provided all of this information before, several times.
Victor: i have added it now
Victor: please allow 24 hour to resolve the DNS
walter: when will it be effective?
walter: How can I believe you? You people have lied to me twice
Victor: it will be effective after 24 hour
walter: This is the *THIRD* time I am being told this. How can I
believe you?
Victor: i have added it
walter: How can I believe you?
walter: according to, it has not been changed.
Victor: I have personally made the corrective changes with the help of
my senior admins
Victor: it will effective after 24 hour
Victor: so you have to wait for some time to resolve the dNS
walter: I am very frustrated. You people keep telling me you have made
the changes, then I have to wait x number of hour, then the changes are
not made, and I have to start all over.
walter: Why is this so difficutlt for you? Why do you keep lying to me?
Victor: i am appriciate with you
walter: I am saving this conversation, and posting it everywhere.
People should what a scam dot5hosting is.
Victor: ans also understand your frustration
Victor: but please give me next few hour to prove that i have made

Re: dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

walterbyrd wrote:
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Aside form the fact it is not nice to post a conversation with someone
without his permission, it is not relevant to the case. The fact you've
asked several times maybe is, but the conversation itself is for the most
part correct. He might have earlier apologised for the fact it went wrong
the first (or several times), but that's it.

A simple description about how they were incapable to change something to
your wishes would be more to the point. This way, the only feelings I'm
left with after reading this is that I'm glad the days of playing helpdesk
for frustrated people is over, and I feel a little bit sorry for the one
who had to chat with you.

Then again, if I have to be able to have MX/whatever DNS records changed
for domains, I damn well make sure I can do that myself. SO if this is a
regular thing for you, I'd say switch hosting purely based on the fact the
current one does not give you the level of control you want.
Rik Wasmus

Re: dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

Rik wrote:
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Sorry, but neither is this sermon on morality.  I am going through the
same sort of aggravation with, and still have to admit
that they are far better than Yahoo Small Business.  I find this type
of information useful.  As I shop for another hosting service I will
avoid dot5hosting like the plague just because of this guy's post.

How much competence and service can one expect for ten bucks a month?
The issue here becomes:  whose set-up is the best one to work with?


Re: dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

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This was the *FORTH* time I explained this to them I was very nice at
first, but they kept lying to me, and lying to me, and lying to me
some more. I try to be diplomatic,  but that only works to a point.
And anyway, I want others to know about dot5 - that was the point of
my post.

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Yes. But don't forget that I paid in advance. I don't get a dime back
if I switch. I want others to know about dot5hosting before they sign

Re: dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

On 14 Feb 2007 12:38:25 -0800, walterbyrd wrote:

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you know what i don't really understand about the internet?

how it makes so many people so fukin stupid the minute they sit behind a

in real life, if you had to tell me the same damn thing more than once, and
i just kept lying to you, how long would you let that go on?

once? twice?
wtf were you thinking?
so you told em four times and by your count, they lied to you three times?

you shoulda cancelled for breach and done a chargeback if they refusuzzeld
your refund request the first time they fukked ya. done. move on

but you? noooooo
you let em screw ya
you and only you
they even gave ya all the clues they were going to
but you didn't listen

now, because you ain't got the kaahonies to do what's right,          what?

you're gonna let em keep your cash while you spend more of your valuable
and costly time trying to tell the world dot5 suks

christ, every damn day there's some shit goin on about some host on forums
and uselessnet
what a waste of text

also, if you had bothered to check the archives you woulda seen the content
of this newsgroup is only about /snake/probe/core null

Secretary of Altered States
Governement of the Mens Room

Re: dot5hosting sucks - don't use them

P.S.  I hope nobody is gullible enough to fall for these:

"Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews Expert Webmasters rank webhosts"

...I traced one of those (I think it said top 100) by doing NS lookups,
etc. to see who ran that site.  They didn't cover up their tracks too
well.  It was (surprise, surprise) the #1 hosting provider at the top
of this "expert survey."

walterbyrd wrote:
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Abuse doesn't do any good.  He's just doing his pinche job.  Don't
fight city hall, just find another hosting service, as I am doing.  Let
the dollar do your talking.

I saw mentioned elsewhere in this group, so I just called
them to ask if they allow InnoDB tables.  (The release of MySQL they
are running --v4.1-- allows them, but that does not necessarily mean
the host does.  Yahoo Small Business does not --only MyISAM tables.)
The sales guy who answered the phone for Bluehost did not know and
asked me to hold.  OK.  After being on hold for ten minutes, I knew
everything I needed to know about Bluehost and hung up.

On to the next one.  I feel like Diogenes searching for an honest man.

HostMySite is still the best so far on all fronts, in spite of their

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