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Newbie has domain registration and hosting questions for a small
personal site.

I came across multiple sources cautioning against registering domain and
hosting with the same service. Supposedly, some such services would not
let you use your domain name (or would not transfer it with ease) if you
should switch hosting to another service. Is there any truth to this?

Specifically, is this a problem with either godaddy or mooseisloose?

Does godaddy or mooseisloose has a support forum?

Where can I find comparative reviews of such services?


Re: Domain registration and hosting questions

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Not sure about GD's transfer policies, but with MIS it's not an issue.
We use and their Domain Manager provides complete owner control.

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MIS. No one uses it though. /

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Most, if not all, of the Review Sites are based on commission payouts for
clickthroughs, so it's really not based on user reviews.
Best option is Google Searches with host name, etc.

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Re: Domain registration and hosting questions wrote:
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I agree that in general you should never register your domain with the same
company that has your hosting.

I could make an exception in GoDaddy's case because they are mainly a registrar
but supply hosting as an extra.  However, I've heard of some problems with their
hosting.  I can't verify that because I've never used them myself.

My suggestion is got get your domain from GoDaddy - it's who I use for all of my
domains and I'm very happy with them.  Then go to someplace like mooseisloose to
get your hosting.

For a small personal site it will cost less than taking your spouse/significant
other out for dinner one night (unless it's at McDonalds - in which case you
have other problems :-) ).

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Domain registration and hosting questions

Domain names are very *inexpensive* these days. Don't try to save money
where there is no point in doing that.

Use a specialized domain name registrar for your domain names needs.
Use a web hosting company for your hosting needs.

The questions that you are asking is very debatable and you will find
all kinds of answers to it. In my case I use common sense: I don't want
to be at the mercy of a given company when I will inform them that I
don't want to do business with them any more - no matter what the
reputation of that company is. I JUST DON'T DO IT ! Pure and simple.

Did it save me any trouble until now ? I really have no idea because I
never had any trouble yet - I always kept my domain names separated
from my hosting needs.

What I can tell you is that I read some real horror stories about this.
I admit, it is rare, but it is happening.

What you will do if it is happening to you ? The domain name is much
more valuable than your content. The domain name is YOUR brand. The
content (like a forum) can always be saved locally on your computer. If
you lose a few forum posts because of trouble with your provider, well,
that will not kill your site. While, if you loose the domain name...
judge for yourself.

On some forum I read about a guy that lost a domain name for a site
which had an income of around 5000USD / month. The guy was desperate:
suing the hosting company which took his domain name would cost him
money. Such a trial in USA can last up to 1 year (things are different
in other countries; for example in Romania - I am from Romania - such a
trial can last even longer). In the meantime the guy would loose
5000USD / month.

Now, I don't want to create paranoia about this. The percentage of
these stories is very small - less than 1 in 100. So the chance is
pretty slim. But then again !?! Why taking such a chance ? In order to
save 7-8 bucks a year ?!?!

On my web site I wrote a small article about web hosting tips. If you
are interested you are welcome to take a look: /

Additional note:

    GoDaddy is one of the best Domain Registrars - secure and reliable.
But their hosting business is not very good - this is from what I
read on various forums, not from my experience.

Razvan /

Re: Domain registration and hosting questions

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Just make sure you are listed as admin contact with your real email address
and there will be no problems.
We see lots of people stuck because their host has put themselves as admin
contact which means they would have to approve the transfer, and many won't.

Gordon Hudson || Ltd
e-mail:ghudson [at] Host 5 web sites for $9 per month Domain Names with free hosting and email $15

Re: Domain registration and hosting questions

Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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Interesting - most (possibly all) of the problems I see are when the  
designer registered the domain in their own name.

William Tasso

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