domain registrar with an api for registration?

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I am a small web host. When someone orders a website from me and needs to
register a domain name, I want to do it programatically through a script.

Are there any registrars which make this available?
I am not looking to be a reseller and will not bulk register. Just one at a
time and maybe a handful a day.

John Dalberg

Re: domain registrar with an api for registration?

John Dalberg wrote:
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I don't think you'll be able to find what you're looking for.
Either you will register the domains in your own name.  Some of the
registrars that cater to high volume customers may have the tools you
need, but you say that you won't be doing enough registrations to
interest them.

Or if you had planned on registering the domains in your customer's
name, you would essentially be asking the registrar to enter intoa a
third party contract (Terms of Service, UDRP, etc.).  Plus you'd have to
have to get your customer to pay for the domain somehow.  You can't
exactly transmit their credit card info to the registrar.  You would
surely be in violation of your Merchant Account/Payment processor rules
if you did that.  Offline payment wouldn't exactly be effective for an
automated system.

Don't say that you'd pay for the domains with your own money, that would
make you a reseller.


Re: domain registrar with an api for registration?

Dave wrote:
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True.  I don't know of any low volume registrars with the necessary
API's.  I suppose you could do something with cURL, though.

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Not necessarily.  In the U.S., you can act as an agent for the customer
and this not be a third-party arrangement.  In effect, you are just
acting as a relay for the information.

And it's is perfectly legal for you to send their credit card to the
registrar; it's done all the time.  And your merchant account/payment
processor would not be involved in this transaction, so unless their
agreement specifically forbids you from doing this (which would be a
violation of Federal Trade Commission rules, at least in the U.S.), they
can do nothing.  Even if it were a legal clause, about the worst they
could do is cancel your contract.

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And there isn't anything wrong with this, either.  There are a lot of
hosting companies who do just that.

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