Domain redirection.

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Hi everyone !

I hope I am in the right group. I have a couple very complicated
questions (at least to me).

I have a question regarding to domain redirection (I don't know if I
used the right
term). Let's say have a domain "". Every time a user
goes to
this domain, this will redirect a user to another domain
"", which contains most of my website's files.
The other files actually sit in my original domain
(""). Is it possible that the original
domain "" will still be displayed in the web brower
after the user
being redirected to "" (instead of showing
"", the browser showing "" along
with appropriate sub directories/files if there are any).

To make this question easier to understand, Here are some urls that I
made up to demonstrate my question.

1)   ""  --> ""
2)  "" -->

The relative path "/js/form/loginform.asp?bhd=4343" actually exist in
the "", but doesn't exist at ""

3) "" --> ""
(point to a directory in original domain)
4) "" --> ""  (point to
an html file in the original domain)

Please note: all the links in the "" have relative
paths, not absolute path.

How would I be able to do this ?  (I heard I can edit  .httaccess file
in apache server to do this) If that is the case, is there a specific
examples regarding to editing .httaccess file to achieve what I want to
do ? )

If you would point me to a specific examples/tutorial on how to do
this, I would greatly appreciate your help. Please be specific, I am
not really a techie guy.

Thank you,


Re: Domain redirection.

Jay wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
In answer to your question.
Yes, you probly can do it. But I personally would not bother.
It's too much mucking about and will really only get your site banned
by the S.E's.
As that is a method used by some undesirable sites.
I would also not recomend linking directorly to sub-directories, as
that is not very secure.
I hope this helps.
(all the other stuff has been smipt).

Regards Chad.

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