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Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

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ok ... they are not the cheapest, not the dearest (by a long way). So
exactly what is it about them that is better than others?
I really don't think I quite understand what it is that I am paying for.
Why should it cost more to register a domain name at one place than it
does at another?
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thanks for that but I'm leaning towards RAMMS at the moment, and anyway,
that's next weeks question!

Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

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Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 01:38:56 GMT, Joe put finger to keyboard and

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As with anything else, registering a domain is a service. The
underlying cost of the domain, the the reseller, is usually pretty
much teh saem, but they are adding on different levels of additional
cost which is why there is a variation in price.

If all you want is the most basic of services, with very little in the
way of flexibility and support, then by all means go for the cheapest.
If you know what you're doing, especially if you have a need for a
large number of domains, then carefully researching the market and
finding the cheapest registar which offers all the features you need
and no more (and hence doesn't charge for what you're not using), then
that's fine.

But - and it's a very big BUT - if you don't know in advance exactly
what features or support you're going to need, then going for the
cheapest option could be a very bad move. If you only have one domain
to register, then the difference between the cheapest and a typical
full-service operator is trivial anyway, as the cost of the domain is
small compared to the other costs of hsting and developing a website.

Low-cost registries often market themselves more to the newbie,
because the newbie isn't in a position to make an informed comparison
on anything other than price. But the low-cost registries are often
the least suitable for the newbie, as they won't give you any
hand-holding when it comes to setting things up or much in the way of
help if it goes wrong.

My personal recommendation is to use a local OpenSRS reseller. The
prices won't be the best on the market, but you'll have all the
flexibility you need and the support will usually be better. Having a
company that operates in your time zone can be important if you need
help straight away, especially if you need to phone rather than email.
I don't know directly of any that operate in Australia, but you can
probably find one from the list at /

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Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

something that included:

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Mostly, for the same reason some people pay more for water than
others. If you want fresh clean oats, you have to pay the price. If
you want oats recycled through a horse, they are considerably cheaper.

Some people pay more because they get something that looks like a bill
from an outfit called Domain Registry of America, and they pay it.

I've paid as much as $100 for a .NET domain name from Network
Solutions, and gotten a couple of .US domain names for free. The .US
domain names were a real pain, because the registrar has no motivation
to make changes when they need to be made.

That motivation thing is important. Most domain names are sold below
cost, in order to sell you hosting at the same time. GoDaddy is the
largest hosting company in the world.

Some people buy domain names from me because they can pay with check
or money order, because they use older browsers that don't work with
any of the big registrar's websites and they can call my toll-free
number to buy or manage their domains, or because I offer proxy
registration at no extra charge. Most get their domains from me
because they get hosting from me as well, and if everything comes from
one place, you don't everybody pointing fingers elsewhere, saying "not
MY fault".

A registrar or reseller can screw you over with ease. Few of them
actually try to steal domains from you, but they can (and some do)
prevent you from transferring domains to other registrars through
ineptitude and/or malice. An honest and ethical registrar/reseller
will fix problems caused by their software screwing up, or their
software leading you to screw up.

Enom is probably the best of all major registries, both in software
and in honesty and ethics. GoDaddy is fairly good in honesty and
ethics, and they are a little cheaper, but there are plenty of gotchas
in their promotions, and their software is unintuitive and often
buggy. Resellers, of course, can do no better than their registrar,
and can be worse.

I resell for PublicDomainRegistry, which matches Enom in honesty and
ethics, but their software is only so-so in usability. It's improving
rapidly, though; it was wretched only a year ago.


Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

Joe wrote:
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I have several sites on bluehost and one on godaddy.  I prefer bluehost.
It is easier to navigate the site using the control panel and uploading
files is faster on bluehost as well.


Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

Joe wrote

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Other than market forces that have been around for thousands of years?

Charles Sweeney

Re: Domain name registers - why such variation?

Hello Joe,

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a markup issue. Domain registrars can reach a section of the population
who are willing to go with the first registrar that they find, and a
percentage of those people aren't going to really go price shopping.
After all, what's the difference between 7 and 20 dollars a year?

I've worked with some super cheap registrars who's servers have been
very slow, which makes it difficult to work with them. I've only used
GoDaddy myself for my and my client's domains, and they're pretty price
competitive and they offer some nice management tools. Plus, as long as
I've used them, they've never been down.

Good luck with your registration!

Chris S.
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