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I have bought a domain name and now what to set up a website using
that domain name. The company I have chosen to host the site is not
the same one as where I bought the domain name from. Will this cause a
problem? Do I have to have a domain name from the company hosting it?
Or is there a separate organisation that holds the details of domain
names which means I can use anyone to host the site.

Or am I getting my terminology and my understanding mixed up?

This is my first time setting up a site so would appreciate any help
on how to go about it.

Re: Domain Name wrote:

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No. In fact, it may prevent problems. This is the preferred way to do

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No. If your hosting company says that you do, find another host.

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I think you have the terminology straight. Or at least close enough.

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There have been a few horror stories about people who got their name and
hosting from the same company. Later, when they decided to change hosts,
they found out that it was their host, and not themselves, who owned the
domain name. When that happens, your options are either lose the domain
name or continue hosting with the same company.

By hosting with a different company than the one you register the domain
name with, you give yourself more control over both your domain name and
your hosting options.

Bottom line: Don't host with a company that includes the domain name as
part of the package. You are better off hosting somewhere other than the
company you register the domain name with.

Re: Domain Name

Thank you for the reply. It did bring up more questions:

If it is better to keep the host and domain name registrar separate,
why do the the hosting companies want to transfer my domain name - the
three companies been looking at include transfer in the price.

And the second thing is my emails are personalised to use my domain
name. I have emails through my broadband provider (who is also the
registrar of my domain name) and at an extra cost they have
personalised the emails.I did this because I get one bill (phone,
broadband etc) The hosting packages also comes with emails so how is
that going to work? Am I going to have two separate lots of emails?

These questions must sound so basic but I feel like I am walking
through a mine field at the moment.

Re: Domain Name wrote:
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Because they want to get control of your domain name (if they're
dishonest), or simply get the extra money from you if they are honest.

Personally, I don't' deal with ANY company who wants my domain name to
be registered through them.  I use GoDaddy for my domain registrations
and someone else for my hosting.

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Yep, you'll have two separate email addresses.  I have accounts with
both my cable (broadband) provider and a dial-up provider (as indicated
in my sig).  But neither is the main email domain I use for my
customers.  Also, if I change ISP's I don't have to try to notify
everyone of the change.

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Not at all.  They're all good questions.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Domain Name wrote:

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I don't know exactly what they want to transfer.

Registration of the name? They shouldn't do that. Consider it a scam.
They do it for one of two reasons. 1) they want more money from you (you
owe for both hosting and registration of the name) or 2) they want
control of your domain name. They may have a different reason than one
of those two, but they shouldn't be transferring registration of the name.

Set up of the domain at their host? Yes. That is part of what they
should do for you.

Transfer the content of an existing domain from another host? If so,
they are offering to do you a favor which is normally a convenience, but
not necessary on your case, since you don't have an existing site. This
is often what a hosting company means when they talk about transferring
a domain.

You need to know which one they want to do.

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I'm not sure if it is a good idea to register your domain name through
your service provider. Do you know for a fact that you, and not your
service provider, own your domain name?

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I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean that you have an email
address at your own domain, that should be part of the package at no
additional cost. They should allow you to set up several email
addresses, if that is what you want to do.

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This should NOT be your reason for doing anything related to owning a
web site. Your service provider, domain registrar, and host should be
three separate companies. Pay three bills. Life will be less complicated
in the long run.

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Do you mean that email addresses are included in your hosting package?
If so, you can use them or not use them at your discretion. It is not
unusual for people who own domains to accumulate email addresses. I have
7. For me it is a convenience, since some of my email arrives
pre-sorted. But I have 1 that I use 90% of the time. That is also a
convenience. You can have as many or as few email addresses as you want,
within the limits of what your host allows.

Who are you considering hosting with? Can you post a URL? It may help
sort things out to see what they are offering you.

Re: Domain Name

Assuming that your registar has actually registered
the domain name in your name, all e-mails that arive
to you using your domain name will go through your
new host. Therefore you will want to set up those
same e-mail names at your new host so that you will
still get your e-mails. You will be better off
having your e-mails going through another server
than your internet provider. That way if you change
internet providers, you will still have your e-mail.

Your e-mails won't start going to the new host until
after you change the domain address settings with
the registar.

Are you able to change the domain address with your
registar by logging in, and doing it yourself? Or do
you have to contact them to have them do it? If you
can't do it yourself, then you need to transfer your
domain name to a better registar.

How much are you paying a year for your domain name
and e-mail? Probably a lot more than your should be.

Wayne Sallee wrote on 8/2/2007 8:55 PM:
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Re: Domain Name

Also I would recommend that you stop using your
internet provider's e-mail software, and download
real e-mail software. Then sign up for newsgroups to
go through that software so that you don't have to
use the poorly designed google interface. You can
sign up for free newsgroups at

Wayne Sallee

Wayne Sallee wrote on 8/2/2007 11:24 PM:
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